Fractured State

A Farm Upstate

Sing a song for Chia

Kontrol and Bownus have drinks

Frankie has a job and called for some impromptu contacts

Rain enters and makes good friends with Kontrol

Grin arrives and doesn’t make nice.

nDee comes last sipping a latte

We have a Johnson, Dominic, who needs you to run him supplies and look into some strange happenings

Negotiate for higher rate (10% more due to Kontrol’s negotiation)

Convoy leaves in 3 hours and preparations for the run begin.

- -

The convoy transit on the way to the farm. A Troll woman says “Bets on this norm becoming a slag slave, taking all bets” Kontrol tries to slip her some novacoke and the woman palms it. Kontrol is aghast at the confrontation and mocks her flamed horns.

The team arrives at the farm and greets Dominic, their Johnson.

Chia comes and admires Kontrol’s dress; not far behind is Mr Sing, a large Troll carting a huge sword. Dead animals litter the farm.

Grin and Bownus work on some heavy lifting tasks to secure the compound against further attack. Rain springs to heal the hurt and calls in a favor from her Mechanic friend, Mo to repair the turbine generator. Kontrol asks the team’s help setting up surveillance cameras around the compound before heading out to the encampment. Rain remains behind to help with repairs and to protect the children.

The team arrives and nDee has an immediate sense of the sorrow that has just befalled the people in these camps. There are more dead than bodies but where are the bodies? Women and children do not seem among the dead. Kontrol picks up a few commlinks and finds old files of a gang that wants to take out the encampment and has plans to attack the farm.

The team goes back to the farm and lets their benefactor know what they’ve seen, but Damian has gone to a well-needed sleep after his drugs have started his stegdown. Kontrol is wrapping through the footage as best she can looking for clues of an outsider and it seems everything is normal. Chia however seems attached to Mr. Sing in a strange unnatural way. nDee takes a detailed look at the child and notices something very odd but seems to keep the information to herself so as to not cause unnecessary alarm.

The sun is high in the air and the group remembers Dominic’s warning that they MUST be back before sundown at 8pm and despite Kontrol’s urging to stay the team travels into the den of a local gang from the flats.

- -

The team arrives in the rebel gang’s encampment to find another horror story… this one weeks older than the fresh scars of the camp. More disturbing is the results of the crime kit. These calculated attacks were performed by large, seemingly wild hell hounds! Kontrol searched the grounds and out on the perimeter were some lures that Kontrol knew, from her corpscout survival training, was designed to attract large carnivorous animals.. the same type used in the attack that killed the gang members and seemingly took over 5 rounds and still took out these gangers. At the same place there were multiple dirtbike tracks leading into the mysterious “plastic jungle”. Once again nDee’s face betrays her and Grin has a definite sense that she knows more than she’s saying.

- -

The team returns to the farm around 5pm to see the generator and perimeter defenses back to operational. Kontrol asks to take Sing aside and ask him about Chia. He suggests that nDee may be much more useful in discerning the true nature of Chia’s astral nature.

Rain suggests taking defensive positions.. she will stay with those who can’t fight in the executive residences. Kontrol takes a position on the 1st floor of the same building anxious to see what really happens at night. Bownus is on the roof access of the same building. Inside the guntower both nDee and Grin have an eagle’s eye look of the entire farm perimeter. As the night gets closer the team of farm workers seem to be much more on edge.. No one knows what will happen next.


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