Fractured State

One Normal Day

It is a normal day in Seattle. A beautiful woman walks into a hotel cafe and spends 2 Nuyen on her caffeine supplement tea. She calls open the society pages and sifts through her spam, hoping to see a message she’d been waiting for over 2 years to see. Her delicate features seem to defy her steely resolve and razor sharp focus. She looks to the sky briefly, as if calculated to see the sun break the skyscraper horizon, just brief enough to “enjoy” it, before returning to her diligent reading just inside her eyelids.

At the same time a mysterious man wakes from his soft bed in a sweat that only lucid nightmares create. He reaches out to his commlink and transfers 10,000 Nuyen to his landlord, unsure how many more nights he can afford to be tortured by this comfort. He walks to his weapon case and begins making fine attunements to his most trusted friend, his bow.

Down a grungy alley a door behind the waste chute opens, and a noticeably exhausted figure emerges into the grime of true reality. Her hands are scarred and bloodied, the scent of iron is strong enough to drown out the stench of the sorrow she’s come to know. Her smile betrays her, displaying to the empty alley knowing, satisfied airs of one concluding a life that needed saving.. or taking. She lights an e-cig and enjoys a few puffs before returning to her affairs inside.

It had been some time since anyone accessed the old world’s spirit library, yet for the third time this week a pleasant, worldly professor had returned to jack in to access the files personally. It is clear that she is doing more than hypothetical research but the university’s clearance gives her access to more astral knowledge than even the police allow. If anyone still bothered to actually manually jack in to the library anymore she’d surely be exposed. That is a big “if”. For now she is left to the solemn company of endless literature.

The last run had some complications, and if there’s one thing Grin is used to by now it’s complications. His cyberware is past due for some needed updates. He is never too trusting with his choice of upgrade facility so this time he’ll perform the maintenence himself. He’d been laying on the slab for almost two weeks now, using his AR SIM to control the robitic arms using microscalpels, lasers, and sodder to surger his tech to his flesh.


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